uprod'it is the professional social network that connect freelancers and companies of the tunisian multimedia, audiovisual and computing to create jobs

uprod'it est le réseau social professionnel qui permet de relier les freelances et les entreprises de l'audivisuel, l'informatique et du multimédia tunisien afin de créer de l'emploi

uprod'it هي الشبكة الاجتماعية المهنية التي تربط بين المستقلين وشركات لملتيميديا التونسية والسمعية والبصرية والحوسبة لخلق وظائف.

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#Newbie: Level 3
Still 14 XP to reach the level 4
CommunicationDesignComputing and information technologies

General informations

Company name : ComWork

Creation date : 09-Mar-2016

About : ComWork is a communication and IT engineering company. We put at your disposal all our skills in order to create high quality and relevant products, services and communication.


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