About us

We are a team of French and Tunisian engineers who volunteer working on the development of a professional social network which is specialized on the recruitment of freelancers in Tunisia (we wish we expand in Europe and all of Africa's countries later). We are convinced that freelancing can much participate in the revival of the employment in areas where it is very low and where hiring is nonexistent. That's why we provide this social platform to participate at our level to improve the lives of self-employed and to put them more easily in connection with companies or customers who are struggling to easily find their profiles suitable. Of course, the platform is also open to companies who wish to hire profiles without using the freelancing and vice versa.

Terms of Use of uProd'it

Using this application as a guest or registered member, you must observe the following rules. If one of the following rules has not been respected , you risk incurring sanctions (like call to odre, be banished or prosecution).

1.0 Terminology

Throughout the document:

1.1 Generality and security

It is strictly forbidden:

1.2 Using an uProd'it account

The following points must be strictly observed:

1.3 Respect for the rights of others

The following points must be strictly observed:

Privacy policy

Depending on their nature, informations in the application are not accessible in the same way:

Responsibilities and conflicts

We are not responsible :

The contracts generated by the application must be completed and signed by the members in a institution provided for this purpose to have a legal value. However, the points system on profiles, achievements and CVs allows to assess the veracity of informations about a member. In addition, the reporting system also helps prevent moderators that there is a fraud.

Legal Notices

uprodit.com is strictly owned by COMWORKIO SASU (R.C.S Paris 838 757 987) and is hosted in France by Kimsufi (www.kimsufi.com).