uprod'it is the professional social network that connect freelancers and companies of the tunisian multimedia, audiovisual and computing to create jobs

uprod'it est le réseau social professionnel qui permet de relier les freelances et les entreprises de l'audivisuel, l'informatique et du multimédia tunisien afin de créer de l'emploi

uprod'it هي الشبكة الاجتماعية المهنية التي تربط بين المستقلين وشركات لملتيميديا التونسية والسمعية والبصرية والحوسبة لخلق وظائف.

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The tunisian community of freelancers and professionals

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Uprod'it allows freelancers to promote their professional identity, talents and skills to find business opportunities offered by companies and clients. Freelancers can also create a network between them, a network for sharing tips, best practices, informations and create a real collective intelligence.



Uprod'it allows companies to promote their image and products, to post job offers for freelancers and to manage their large projects collaboratively.



Uprod'it allows organizations to expand their network, to be constantly updated on the events of their domain and to increase the visibility of their own events.

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