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uprod'it is the professional social network that connect freelancers and companies of the tunisian multimedia, audiovisual and computing to create jobs

uprod'it est le réseau social professionnel qui permet de relier les freelances et les entreprises de l'audivisuel, l'informatique et du multimédia tunisien afin de créer de l'emploi

uprod'it هي الشبكة الاجتماعية المهنية التي تربط بين المستقلين وشركات لملتيميديا التونسية والسمعية والبصرية والحوسبة لخلق وظائف.

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Your brightest experiences start here

Uprod’it creates a direct link between freelancers and clients needing high-quality services

Uprod'it is a 100% free application without publicity

Uprod’it is the right place for organizations willing to grow their network and people searching for information (data, news, and events) on the creative sectors of Tunisia.

The tunisian community of freelancers and professional

Uprod’it offer an easy, intuitive, and comprehensive tool for freelancers wishing to collaborate together, gain visibility, and secure their professional future.

One of the main mission of Uprod’it is to create synergies, promote collective intelligence, and participate in the economic development of the creative fields in Tunisia.

Freelancers will also be able to create a network among themselves, a network for sharing advice, good practices, information and thus give birth to a real collective intelligence.

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Uprod’it focuses on the most creative, artistic, and technological fields


Developer, Mobile Developer, Android Developer, IOS Developer.

Web marketing

SEO/SEA specialist, Community manager, Webmaster, Web writter.


UX designer, Graphiste, Digital artist.

Project management

Program director, Engagement manager, Scrum master, Product owner.

Audiovisual & cinema

Film cutter, Producer, Scenarist, Cameraman.

Other arts

Film cutter, Producer, Scenarist, Cameraman.

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